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Four Star Seed Company is a Midwestern, farm-family owned, independent seed company based in Western Iowa. Since our start in 1984, we have built our foundation on elite genetics and technology, field performance, and dedication to our customers. Over the years, our foundation has only become stronger. Agriculture is an ever-changing industry, with new challenges around every corner. Unlike large, national brands, we are able to quickly adapt our business, products and services to meet these challenges so our customers are maximizing profits on every acre.

Field performance is extremely important to us. Because we are a farming-family ourselves, we understand better than most companies what performance means to the bottom line in maximizing your profits. We do extensive research and testing before our product is in the customer's hands, so we can say with absolute confidence how our products will perform on your farm.

Our dedication to our customers and industry is second to none. We have devoted ourselves to making sure our customers have access to the best services, knowledge, and products available on the market today and years from now. Our customers' needs are top priority, no matter how big or small the operation. Our focus is to help our customers build a profitable, sustainable business that can be passed to future generations. Finally, thank you to all our customers for your past and future business. You are important to us and we greatly appreciate you for choosing the Four Star family for all your seed needs.